With my Acknowledgements & References, I want to pay homage to the sources that continue to guide me through this journey and the people whose tireless work has made them available. The range is vast, spanning from old texts to contemporary insights. Some are academic, building upon decades of research, others are neither scientific nor particularly serious. Either way, they are all very dear to me as without them, my saga may never have been written.

The sources I have woven – and continue to weave – into these lists have all contributed warp, weft and decorative embellishments to my site and the unfolding saga. They have also, in their own unique ways, helped breathe life and courage into this often floundering author. If the allure of the Norse-Scandi-pagan spirits is calling you, I’m setting up a veritable smörgåsbord of delicious treats in this section.

The books and articles have served – and continue to serve – both as compass and anchor on this adventure. Some whisper of ancient tales and winding paths through the wild myths and folklore of the Scandi Northlands. Others provide insight into particular aspects of the reality my characters live in. All of them offer ample food for thought.

My collection of online treasures has offered – and keeps offering – fresh perspectives, diverse interpretations and thought-provoking insights into the realm of my saga. A word of advice: Many of these links are akin to rabbit holes – falling into them makes the prospect of a swift return highly unlikely.

I have already encountered an assembly of blooming brilliant minds and marvellously gifted content creators, and I have no doubt I shall come across more as the adventure continues. Their collective body of work, even when diverging from my personal viewpoints, are the stars that light up my path as I shape the soul and spirit of these narratives.

Please note, none of these authors and content creators have been involved in the crafting of my tales. Their acknowledgement is but a token of my gratitude and admiration for the contributions they have made to the colourful weave that makes up our shared Scandinavian past. They bear no responsibility for anything I write.

Last, but not least, the near and dear. Every page of the saga is dedicated to my pride and joy: My Wolfrunners. In the vast wilderness of my life, it has always been their laughter, their resilience, and their endless capacity for love that have given me strength and purpose. May you forever run wild and free, my beloved Cubs. May you continue to jump off cliffs with hearts aflame, and howl our names to the moon.


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