The tales of Ulfrheim have been with me for as long as I can remember. Intertwined with rich threads of Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore, the narratives began in our realm but eventually drifted into a parallel dimension where I was granted considerable latitude to re-interpret and re-imagine “literary evidence” and historical facts.

I am acutely aware of the fact that any attempt to weave new sagas from the warp of Norse myth will always be met with a certain degree of skepticism and derision. I do sympathise with those who wish to preserve our history, but it belongs to us all, and if there is one indelible truth it can teach us, it is the enduring value of tales told and retold through the generations.

In designing the pattern of my saga, I have found that some narrative decisions are relatively easy to make, whereas others require rigorous scrutiny of various sources and careful juxtaposition of differing views. Ultimately, regardless of the choices I make, some will take umbrage at my interpretations. I welcome such discourse with the caveat that my saga is a work of fiction, not an academic pursuit.

With this page, I want to pay homage to the sources that continue to guide me through this journey and the people whose tireless work has made them available. I will present them in alphabetical order below, with links where possible. The range is vast, spanning from old texts to contemporary insights by some of our leading scholars, as well as intriguing observations from videos and blogs I’ve stumbled upon in my relentless quest for knowledge.

Please note, none of these authors or content creators have been involved in the crafting of my tales. Their acknowledgement here is but a token of my gratitude and admiration for the contributions they have made to the colourful weave that makes up our shared Scandinavian past.