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Hour of the Wolf

Saga L. Söderberg, 2023-2024

Libertalia Press

Release Date: 20 August, 2024

TAGS: Libertalia Press, Resilience Writers, Ulfrheim, Epic Fantasy, Nordic Myth & Legend, Norse & Viking Myth, Norse Mythology, Scandinavian Folklore, Norse Myth & Legend, Historical Fantasy, Saga

“In the beginning, there was nothing. No sand, no sea, no soothing waves. No earth, no sky, no howling gales. Only a fathomless, gaping maw.”


In the morning of time, long before legends first drew breath, a pact was sealed behind the Allfather’s back. A cosmic law written under a luminous blue moon saw the Daughters of the Well wedded to the Sons of the Iron Woods for all time.

Hour of The Wolf is a Nordic Saga of power, passion, and primordial forces. It begins with the seeds of Ulfrheim, the Ninth Realm. Sown amidst the chaos of warring gods, their fibres weave through the millennia to shape and preserve the fabric of existence.

Tonight, as the stars align under another blue moon, the tale takes a new turn. We open our doors to the public and invite you to explore our realm in what we hope will become something of a virtual living museum. On pre-order now, the first book in the series is set to be released under the blue moon that will complete this cycle of threes. In the Hour of the Wolf on the 20th of August 2024. May the Well and the Word guide us along the path.


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