HEJ, I AM SAGA LINNEA and I am the author behind the stories of Ulfrheim and its inhabitants. While I write under various pen names and personas, here in Fensala, I am known as Saga Linnea, Saga, or simply Linn.

So, what should you know about me? Not much, to be honest. As far as human beings go, I consider myself a spectacularly unremarkable specimen. I have dedicated the best part of five decades to the craft of storytelling, predominantly in non-fiction, where I have been penning books, blogs and articles on a range of subjects from arts and crafts to teaching and writing.

In 2020, I entered what I fondly refer to as my Rapunzel tower and began to dust off my fictional work—the writings I’ve always kept close to my heart. Since then, I have been re-writing and re-imagining some of my old pieces, while also adding a considerable volume of new material. I shared snippets and some of my early drafts on Wattpad and social media to see how my ideas would be received. When I saw readers embrace my characters, I realised I had a crucial decision ahead of me and if you are reading this you know where the chips fell.

This year, under the blue moon, Edda’s saga begins to unfold and I will do my level best to give it the literary flair she deserves. Within my writer’s nook, I see myself as the guardian of tales. Here, I only represent myself which allows me to speak in a more unfiltered, Scandi voice. While the diary entries and random scribblings scattered on my desk are not central to the Ulfrheim experience, I believe that they do have their place, for they too have their own unique saga to tell.

Fensala in August 2023,

//Saga Linnea Söderberg


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