Ulfrheim is not – and was never meant to be – an academic endeavour where each detail is annotated and dissected with historical precision. While I enjoy that type of work and have immense respect for the scholars who keep uncovering new facts to help us better understand the legacy of our past, I wanted to create a site where ancient tales could meet new narratives. My stories are deeply rooted in the legends of old, but they branch out to fill in the gaps and craft something new.

If you take the time to read any of them, I hope you can do so with an open heart and mind. And when you do, I hope you can feel my love and respect for ancestry and heritage shine through. When you enter Fensala Mead Hall, you are stepping into a realm where tradition meets innovation, and where some legends must be retold. In my writing nook next door, you can find stories that more accurately align with the original sources and the journal where I try to explain my thoughts and the choices I make.

As long as you remember to pick the door in the middle for epic fantasy and flavoursome fiction, and the one to the right for non-fiction, facts and figures, you may find that you have embarked on a journey that offers both the comfort of recognition and the thrill of discovery here.


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