THE ULFRHEIM SAGA is written with an Adult/New Adult (18+) audience in mind. To avoid unpleasant reader experiences, and because I’d hate to be the reason for your nightmares, there are a few things I’d like to point out before you read any of my books, short stories, drafts or excerpts.

The following information relates to all stories set in the Ulfrheim realm:


I don’t place trigger warnings inside my texts or at the top of each page that may contain a trigger. Across the board, my stories contain strong language and graphic violence. There is also sexually explicit content (smut), depression, suicide, death, grief, life, birth, pregnancy, breastfeeding, disability, eating disorders and other mental/physical health issues.

For each published story there will be a dedicated page with detailed content and trigger warnings. Please don’t read my books if any of this is a problem for you. I don’t want to be the reason you can’t sleep at night and there are plenty of other titles that may suit you better. I’ll even share my favourites with you if you need help finding less offensive stories to read. Including some of my own, that I’ve written under a different pen name.


You will not find any lengthy Author’s Notes (A/N) inside my books, and most certainly not inside the text. I try to share my writing process and talk about the thoughts I’ve had, and the choices I’ve made while writing a specific scene or a new chapter. All of these notes can be found on my desk in Saga’s Writing Nook.


There are many characters in the Ulfrheim and to help you (and myself!) keep track of them all I make individual character sheets for all of them. To avoid too many initial spoilers, I will try to update the profiles as the stories unfold. For now, I have divided them into two parts – a quick, largely spoiler-free, reference section at the top, and a more detailed character description below the spoiler alert.

You can find the character sheets in the Who’s Who in Ulfrheim section, and you can also look them up by name in Fensala Familjebook, our conversational lexicon. Read these sheets at your own risk, and bear in mind character details are never static. =)


I do not, and will never, post any character reference pictures inside my stories. Generally speaking, I am not a great fan of character pictures as I like the idea of allowing each reader to imagine what the characters look like. When it comes to Ulfrheim, however, I have changed my mind.

I have added a picture to each character sheet that shows what type of character it is and what they look like (ish!) in my mind. These are pictures that inspire me and I find them more helpful the more characters I add to the saga. If anyone would like to draw my characters for non-commercial purposes you are most welcome to do so, but I would appreciate a tag so I can enjoy them too.

Last, but not least, I do not use images of any kind that I don’t have the right to use, and I always make sure to give credit to the artist/photographer where possible. The vast majority of the images used on this site are licensed from Depositphotos and Canva Pro, with a select few coming from Kittl.


Fensala Familjebok is a conversational encyclopaedia modelled on Nordisk Familjebok. It is a combined glossary and wiki where I try to list all the terms I’ve had questions about, and the ones I think readers may struggle with. Here on the site, I try to link all featured words to the post where you can find the explanation. Let me know if a word or concept you are looking for isn’t there and I’ll add it as soon as I can.


I know how frustrating it can be to wait for an update when you’re following a story, or reading books in a series. Unfortunately, for health reasons, I cannot commit to a rapid release or regular publication schedule.

When I have new stories to share I’ll publish them, whether it’s a new article for Familjeboken, a new journal entry or another short retelling of an old saga. When it comes to the books, they will most likely be released on the date the pre-order says they will be released, but you never know. Miracles do happen…

Here endeth the public service announcement

Right, now that we have all of that covered we can finally proceed to the fun stuff. Let’s go read something! Or by all means, we can watch, write, or listen to something too. Or just talk. I’m game if you are.

Love & Light,

//Linn 🐺🤍


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