FENSALALAGEN, THE LAW of this land is there to make Ulfrheim a safe space for all visitors. There are nine rules in total and collectively they could be summed up in a simple statement:

1) Första Balken: Don’t Be a Dick!

Treat all byalag members and visitors – yourself included! – with respect. We don’t talk down to people or judge others for their life choices and/or circumstances. Kindness is the currency in Ulfrheim, so please tip each other often and generously.

Now, anyone can have a day off and sometimes we all say things we shouldn’t. It happens. But common courtesy and mutual respect apply online too, and as the resident Mead Hall Matron I carry a staff and I do not tolerate dickishness. 😏

2) Andra Balken: Respect People’s Privacy

We’re all on a first-name basis here. This name may be a pen name, a site-specific name or a social media username. No matter what we call ourselves, the more we interact online the more we will inevitably get to know about each other. 

Please, be respectful of other people’s privacy and keep things you learn about them to yourself. Unless we’re talking about the book characters, of course. Feel free to spoll their beans as far and wide as you can. Just remember to ask for consent first – not all people like spoilers. 

3) Tredje Balken: Matron Rules

Although we live in happy harmony and decide most things together at the allting, there are times when someone needs to make executive decisions. As the Matron of the Mead Hall, I have the final say in matters of strategy etc. However, when it comes to the day-to-day running of Fensala and our interactions here in this realm, it’s Admin’s rules that govern us.

Admins, Moderators and appointed officers can make decisions and sort out any technical and interpersonal issues that arise. If you disagree with their ruling, you can appeal the decision and I will review the issue at my table and make a final decision.

4) Fjärde Balken: Be Active

We understand that there may be times when you need a break, or a time out, but prolonged inactivity may lead to reduced access to the restricted areas. A ban, or restriction of access, due to inactivity is not a punishment as much as a measure to protect the privacy of your friends.

Access to Discord may be restricted after four weeks of absence without leave. Absence for more than a full month without any communication will result in exclusion. If you get booted out due to inactivity, you can still join us again later. This applies to the mailing list too. 

5) Femte Balken: NSFW/Sensitive Content

Please, try to keep all communal areas reasonably free from politics, triggering topics and smut. We have no rules against swear words or for the use of trigger/content warnings. However… If you know that you’re about to post something that could be a problem, please feel free to begin with a simple CW/TW tag.

Also, please check in channels if there are any special rules to follow.

6) Sjätte Balken: On/Off Topic

There are no rules against off-topic chats other than the risk of your convo being deleted or moved to a different place. Having said that – we do appreciate it if you try to stay on topic.

Some spaces are for reading or downloads only.

If you have questions about the content in one of the channels, ask and we’ll try to help as soon as possible.

7) Sjunde Balken: Spamming

Adding stuff in places where they don’t belong to get attention or cause chaos/harm? Yeah, we don’t do that. Sending/Linking harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers, harmware etc results in an immediate and permanent ban unless you can convince Admin it was an honest-to-goodness mistake.

8) Åttonde Balken: Dealbreakers

We have very few absolute rules, but the ones that are non-negotiable are:

  1. No hate speech, bigotry, bullying or discrimination. This includes gender-bashing.
  2. No shaming of people for any reason.
  3. No general asshattery.
  4. Don’t be inactive (awol for more than four weeks).
  5. Don’t block Quarterdeck or Admins.
  6. Don’t spam or post harmful content. This includes content that supports or promotes illegal activities.
  7. Don’t break Discord’s own rules, i.e. community guidelines or terms of service.
9) Nionde Balken: Violations

Breaking housekeeping protocol may result in warnings, restricted access and/or a permanent ban from the Discord server. The ultimate goal behind our rules is to build a safe and friendly community where we can all thrive. To that end, you may not harass, threaten, or otherwise bother another member or visitor. 

Right, now that we’ve got that oit of the way – let’s go explore and see if we can think of something to do or talk about.